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You should book your newborn portrait session between your 12 and 20 week scan. I will place the booking based on your estimated due date and once your little one arrives we can confirm the actual date of the shoot. Most sessions take place soon after their arrival when they are still at their curled up newborn stage so that we can capture those sleepy shots. 


If you do choose to have your session beyond their first few weeks as baby becomes more alert, they are adorable with occasional smiles and lots of cute and curious expressions.

Newborn sessions typically last between two and four hours but I do not schedule more than one full shoot a day so there is no rush or pressure. It's a warm and cozy space with dimmed light and soothing sounds so it's not unheard of for the adults to nod off too which I love!

You've relaxed and had a nice cuppa (while it's actually still hot) which will have no doubt become a rareity! 

We will move at your baby's pace having as many breaks as they need for milk and cuddles.


Upon making your booking, I will send you over a session guide so that you have everything you need with regards to preparing for your session. The aim is for you to get cozy, relax and enjoy a really special few hours while I create beautiful heirlooms for you to keep forever. 

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