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I worked in advertising for six years then left everything to travel the world.

Knowing I couldn't go back to doing something that didn't make my heart sing,

I taught myself how to use a camera and committed every waking hour to learning how to get better at it.

I was obsessed. Still am. I had to make it work and I did.

Through a lot of hard work, a bit of bravery and as much training as I could get my hands on

I created a life that allows me to make money doing what I love every single day.

Because that's the aim of the game right?

This is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a lovely group of like minded people.

Helping to build not only on your business foundations but also friendships and community.

Invest in yourself.

It's worth it.

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Spend a workshop day with me.

Learn how to capture connection and paint beautifully with natural light.

Invest in your business || Create magic for families || Charge appropriately for it.



To register your interest please fill out your details below.

Spots will be limited to ensure that everybody has their space

to be seen and heard on the day.

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